Thursday, April 16, 2009

If you're only born with one set of teeth, where do your adult teeth come from?

from what the dentist told me about my daughter when she had her baby teeth, was that the adult teeth was stuck in the gum, and waiting to come out, once the little ones (babys) are gone.

he did an xray, and I actually saw the big teeth on the xrays, in the gum and they werent even out yet...


If you%26#039;re only born with one set of teeth, where do your adult teeth come from?
The adult teeths are present above the upper teeths%26amp;below the lower teeths

These grow %26amp; push the teeths (one set of teeths) .Thus emerging out.
Reply:The permanent tooth begins to grow under the baby tooth., sitting in between the roots of the tooth it will replace.

As basics of adult teeth form in the gums, specialized cells called odontoblasts resorb the roots of the baby teeth and use them to help form the permanent teeth.. The crown of the permanent tooth is the first part of the tooth to develop.

By the time the adult teeth start to push through the gums, the rootless baby teeth are loose and ready to come out. The baby teeth help the permanent adult teeth to push through into their normal positions.

The root of the permanent tooth then continues to form.
Reply:The truth is, you%26#039;re born with 2 sets of teeth.
Reply:They grow from tooth %26quot; Buds %26quot; in the gums. Each tooth is comprised of 3-5 buds that fuse together as the tooth grows. This is why childrens teeth have bumpy edges. Each bump is the peak of 1 bud.....these wear smooth over time.


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