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At what age should an adult dogs teeth fall out.I have a toy poodle and he just lost a tooth.He is 4 years?

An adult dog should never lose teeth. If your dog%26#039;s losing teeth, he really needs to get to his vet for a dental check-up. Bad teeth and gums can lead to serious health problems - like heart or kidney problems for example.

At what age should an adult dogs teeth fall out.I have a toy poodle and he just lost a tooth.He is 4 years?
Time to have your dogs teeth looked at, he shouldn%26#039;t be losing any of them.

What do you feed him? What sort of oral care to do for him? When was the last time he had a dental at the vet?
Reply:Adult dogs should not have teeth fall out. They should stay put. You need to get your dog to the vet for a dental cleaning and he may need to have more pulled. You could have prevented it by brushing his teeth and regular dental cleanings by the vet.
Reply:The baby teeth fall out within the first year.

Adult teeth should last for life.

He needs treatment to keep his teeth or to stop disease.
Reply:Unfortunately, teeth should last a lifetime....just like us. The loss of teeth may be more related to your dogs diet more than anything. Does your dog eat real dog food? Or does it hold out for tablet scraps? Need to take your baby to the vet, get a dental evaluation.
Reply:4 years old is young for your dog to be loosing teeth. Check his mouth for fowl odor, tarter on his teeth and red gums. He could possibly be a dog prone for periodontal disease. If you notice any of the above have your vet check him.
Reply:He should never lose a tooth...Please take him to the vet to find out why he lost the tooth...Poor dental care can lead to heart problems etc. Germs get into the dog%26#039;s blood stream through sores and openings in the gums. I hope its nothing serious.
Reply:He sounds like he is having premature tooth loss.

Have the vet look at the teeth and if they are starting to get calculus build up then you need to get the teeth cleaned.

The vet will give you suggestions on what needs to be done with the teeth.

Sometimes the gums receed and that is a bad thing.

Toy dogs have really tiny teeth and that is a problem, they aren%26#039;t really strong.
Reply:If he is really small it is common for very small toy breeds to suffer from tooth loss as the mouth of these dogs is too small for the teeth not to run into complications, just like our wisdom teeth. You need to bring him to a vet and start getting his teeth cleaned regularly and maybe dayly brushing. Does he have any rotten teeth, also some small breed dogs retain there puppy teeth longer than normal and they need pulled so its likely it was a retained puppy tooth but the vet would be the one to talk to.


Need dentist for adult need teeth removed?with out abuse!?

Look in the yellow pages under D..For Dentist..Dumbazz

Need dentist for adult need teeth removed?with out abuse!?
So call a dentist. You posted a question on a website that is viewed by people all over the country. What are you expecting people to do? Recommend a dentist in THEIR city? Look in the phone book.
Reply:call 1-800-dentist

they are good at find you a good dentist
Reply:It would help if you gave SOME idea of what part of the country youlive in.
Reply:I%26#039;m not sure what you mean by %26quot;without abuse%26quot;. If you mean an oral surgeon who will not %26quot;strap down%26quot; the patient, you won%26#039;t find one. If it is a sedation surgery, the patient needs to be restrained for their own and the dentist%26#039;s safety. Some people take anesthesia better than others. some people, flail their arms around madly. That is not safe. The dentist can slip and cut the patients mouth when they do this. If you do not want to be restrained you can opt for a local sedation. The patient will be numb, but conscious. It is more painful though.

To find a good oral surgeon in your area call 1-800-DENTIST
Reply:No abuse coming from me, just not sure what you%26#039;re asking. Do you need a dentist in your area? 1-800-DENTIST is a great referral if you live in the US. If you need several teeth removed at one time, you may consider calling an oral surgeon for an appointment. I hope you find someone. Best of luck. Always consult a dentist for the best advice concerning your dental health.

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Need dentist for adult need teeth removed?

no. get some someone to knock them out with a bat.

Need dentist for adult need teeth removed?
Now, are you asking if WE need to have them removed, or are you looking for YOUR teeth to be removed? You don%26#039;t speak English as your first language, do you?


Do adult cats teeth grow back?

No, they%26#039;re not like sharks. Once a tooth is gone it%26#039;s gone. I had to take care of a cat that ate crap cat food and all it%26#039;s teeth were rotting. Had to put her on science diet canned cat food. The teeth she had started to look better and the ones she lost never came back. Once her teeth were healthy again I put her on hard food.

Do adult cats teeth grow back?
Reply:yes it will grow.

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My 10-year-old broke his two adult front teeth. Veneers, bonding or caps... what is the best choice?

He has about half a tooth left on one tooth and about 1/4 tooth left on the other. There is no nerve damage.Three different dentist have recommended three different things.

My 10-year-old broke his two adult front teeth. Veneers, bonding or caps... what is the best choice?
I%26#039;m a dentist.

First off, don%26#039;t be concerned by the fact that you%26#039;ve gotten three different suggestions. Each one probably would work, although some are more appropriate than others.

For a ten year old, crowns and veneers are not a good idea for a number of reasons.

Beyond that, at this point the important thing to address is the health of the teeth. The reality is that you don%26#039;t know that there is no nerve damage. Hence, vitality tests (to determine if the pulps inside the teeth are still alive) should be performed bi-weekly for a couple of months, and radiographs should be taken ever month to check for signs of internal or external resorption of the roots (where the pulp inside the tooth or the bone surrounding the tooth, respectively, begins to attack the tooth as a foreign body. If this happens, root canal therapy is indicated).

In the meantime, for cosmetic purposes, composite restorations (i.e. %26quot;dental bonding%26quot;) will have to do.

Once the long-term health of the tooth has been established as well as possible (we never know for sure what will happen 10 years down the road!), other forms of restorations can be considered--although, for a ten year old, crowns and veneers are not really appropriate because his gumline will change as he gets older, possibly making the crown or veneer unaesthetic.
Reply:Whatever is in your price range.
Reply:Crowns would be the best also if it%26#039;s broken as much as you say it is there is probably going to be a need for Root Canal therapy.
Reply:I have veneers. They have lasted more than six years, and still are OK. A punk busted my tooth with a bottle.
Reply:Crowns are the stronger and more permanent solution. I broke one of my front teeth when I was 8 yrs old. I have had a porcelain crown for the last 28 yrs with no problems or issues.
Reply:veneers, bonding, and caps have their own indications. but since your child is 10 years old, whose teeth development hasn%26#039;t perfect yet, it%26#039;s better to choose bonding or caps with pulpotomy, because i think your child%26#039;s pulp chambers are already open, and the age of 17, change it into crown. bonding has a better aesthetic than caps though. u can%26#039;t use veneers, because the lost of tooth structure is too much. good luck.
Reply:Go with Veneers or crowns or try another dentist. I went to 5 to find the right thing for my teeth.

From what I was told by a dentist bonding only lasts around 5 years and anything that could bleach teeth (whitening tooth pastes, ect.) will turn the bond yellow.

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Have any of you ever pulled your own teeth (adult)?

Oh God, no. And don%26#039;t you do it either. If you need dental work and can%26#039;t afford it, try a dental college in your area. They are much much less money than a private dentist, or check into social services for other assistance.

Have any of you ever pulled your own teeth (adult)?
Reply:this is terrible! why would you pull out ur adult teeth when there may not be any need to. just go to the dentist and im sure they could try and save ur teeth! ouch
Reply:my father did he would put string around tooth and tie to door knob and then slam door it would come out
Reply:yes and its not a good feelin
Reply:Good Heavens NO, seems a very good way to get a major infection that could cost you your life. GO TO THE DENTIST.

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I'm looking for a statistic. How many adult Americans brush their teeth at least once daily?

Or how many adult Americans have tooth decay?

I%26#039;m looking for a statistic. How many adult Americans brush their teeth at least once daily?
Well, I know that the average time daily is 15 sec.

CHICAGO, May 11, 2004—Men will have to brush up on caring for their teeth and gums to equal the oral hygiene efforts of women, according to survey findings from the American Dental Association (ADA).

In the ADA%26#039;s 2003 Public Opinion Survey: Oral Health of the U.S. Population, women say they take better care of their teeth than men. According to the survey, women were more likely than men to brush their teeth after every meal (28.7 percent to 20.5 percent) or twice a day (56.8 percent to 49 percent). The survey also revealed women were more likely to have a dentist than men (89.2 percent to 74.6%).

Overall, American adults recorded a slight increase among those brushing twice a day or after each meal to 78 percent in 2003 compared with 1997%26#039;s 75.4 percent. But the most dramatic jump in brushing frequency occurred in the number of respondents saying they brushed after every meal, reaching 24.8 percent in 2003 compared with 11.5 percent in the 1997 survey.

The daily use of dental floss or an interdental cleaner rose slightly to 50.5 percent in 2003 compared with 1997%26#039;s 48.2 percent.

%26quot;Being thorough in your daily oral hygiene lays the groundwork for a healthy smile,%26quot; explains Dr. Kimberly Harms, ADA consumer advisor. %26quot;A daily routine of brushing and flossing, in addition to regular dental checkups, can be enough in most cases to help prevent tooth decay and gum disease.%26quot;
Reply:i brush my teeth twice daily
Reply:I brush my teeth daily and i don%26#039;t have teeth decay!!!!!
Reply:I brush at least twice a day
Reply:twice a day and no decay!
Reply:i have tons of cavities and one crown

still have all my teeth, haven%26#039;t had enough sugar in quite awhile

twice a day mostly, for me anyway
Reply:i brush my teeth 10 times daily no kidding im a clean freak
Reply:I brush atleast 2 times daily...sometimes 3.
Reply:i brush my teeth everytime right after i eat.
Reply:two times brush / floss at night. mouthwash at lunch or as needed.
Reply:That is disgusting if you don%26#039;t brush atleast once a day.

I brush twice a day but I still hate that dirty feeling in between.
Reply:im 16 i brush them once a day! but i guess i dont count!sorry!
Reply:I brush at least once a day, sometimes twice. I would hope the statistic would be 100%, but I am sure there are some out there that don%26#039;t.
Reply:I have to, otherwise I can%26#039;t stand my own breath
Reply:i brush myne 3 times a day
Reply:at brush my teeth at least once a day and i have never had a cavity
Reply:twice a day!
Reply:I brush at least 2 times a day.

I preach to my boys to do it morning and before bed, but sadly I only do it in the morning.
Reply:3 times a day and healthy.
Reply:I am 19 and i brush once a day in mornings or twice if i eat something to make my breath stinky. I have tooth decay. One of my back molars are rotten i have several cavities. I love sugar way too much and i know i should brush at least twice a day but im very lazy
Reply:I brush twice a day.
Reply:I brush EVERYDAY....still got tooth decay...I have had some work done....genetics I guess
Reply:I brush twice a day and floss in the evening.

some good stats on this page

I did a google search for %26quot;dental health statistics%26quot; and found many different pages with information you might be looking for.

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