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Do all people have the same number of original adult teeth? If yes-How many. If No-what is the average?

There are 32 teeth in the adult dentition.. there are 4 of each: Central Incisor, Lateral Incisor, Cuspid (Canine), 1st Bicuspid (1st Premolar), 2nd Bicuspid (2nd Premolar), 1st Molar, 2nd Molar, 3rd Molar (Wisdom Tooth). Some people have less, some people have more and there are varying reasons. For instance, not everyone has all 4 of their wisdom teeth... it is thought that we are evolving to the point of no longer needing wisdom teeth as our mouths are generally not large enough to accomodate them anymore. So it%26#039;s thought that evolution has to do with not everyone devloping all 4 wisdom teeth rather than genetics being the reason. There could also be other teeth other than the wisdom teeth that never develop for whatever reason. There%26#039;s also the possibility of a person having an extra tooth or teeth known as a supernumerary tooth. And there%26#039;s also the possibility that some adults still maintain some of their deciduous (baby) teeth.

And just for the record.. in all my years in dentistry, I have never once heard of a person having 2 complete sets of adult teeth erupt after exfoliating (losing) their baby teeth.

Do all people have the same number of original adult teeth? If yes-How many. If No-what is the average?
Yes, normally. There are always exceptions to the rule, a friend of mine had two sets of adult teeth. baby teeth came out, adults grew in, adults came out... dentist freaked, adults number 2 came in.

I think people have 30ish teeth.
Reply:I think the normal is 32 including the wisdom teeth. I had 4 baby teet that didn%26#039;t have permanent teeth behind them. Evidently, that%26#039;s not all that uncommon.
Reply:People have 32 teeth, including the wisdom teeth. But, most people have to have those removed since the jaw is too small to accomodate them. Also, some people lack wisdom teeth, or have only two instead of four. This appears to be genetic. In my family, it%26#039;s typical to have two wisdom teeth, lower only. I had to have mine removed when they grew in impacted, and I was really glad I only had two to deal with. So, with those removed, I have 28 teeth, and would have had a maximum of 30. I%26#039;ve also met people who didn%26#039;t have wisdom teeth at all, and only grew 28 teeth. I%26#039;m sure there are other variations on teeth, like the rare case one answerer mentioned about a friend who grew a full new set. I%26#039;ve heard of this happening, but never met someone with teeth like that. Apparently it%26#039;s pretty rare. Maybe someday we%26#039;ll be able to figure out how to turn this tooth regeneration feature on using medical technology and be able to grow a replacement set in older people instead of fitting them with dentures.

But, from what I know, the most common number of total adult teeth is 32, some people only have 30, and some lucky ones only have 28. Most of us end up with 28 teeth anyway since wisdom teeth rarely have enough room to grow in properly.
Reply:32 unless you are missing some which does happen. as the person who answered earlier said.... I have never heard of anyone having two complete sets of permanent teeth. Im not sure what was going on with those people.

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  2. I've only ever had 26 visible teeth and 4 wisdom teeth, and its been the same with all whom I've had count their teeth for a comparison. No one had an equal number above to those below, as there are only ever two of those bigger ones at center above.